No longer a small fish?

Start doing what the big fish do...

Start managing your inventory levels properly

Profitori keeps a full audit trail of all stock movements. Inventory Levels are automatically adjusted when purchases are received. You can enter adjustments and do formal Stocktakes.

Manage your purchasing process more efficiently

Create purchase orders, download as PDF, keep track of outstanding purchases and enter receipts to update inventory levels.

Start keeping track of costs as well as revenue

Profitori tracks average costs of your products so it can give you product profit margins. Costs are updated automatically from purchases, and can also be adjusted manually.

So Clean, So Fast Clean modern interface and ultra-simple to use. Profitori uses state-of-the-art software technologies and will blow you away with its speed.

  • Install
  • Set up your Suppliers
  • Start entering Purchase Orders


Enter orders, download as PDF, track and receive.

Inventory Control

Fully audited inventory level tracking, with average costing built in.

Profit Analysis

Profitori tracks costs and uses them together with revenue from WooCommerce to give you profit analysis down to the product level, across any date range.

Product Levels

Construct Bills of Materials using Profitori’s Bundles feature, to sell bundles on your store that you assemble on your shop floor.


View unshipped orders, manage quantities to pack, assign orders to locations, print Packing Lists.

Serial/Lot Numbers

Capture Serial/Lot Numbers on goods inward and on sales, for full traceability.

Highly Customizable

Easily add columns to the main Inventory page with no code. Add and modify fields, pages, PDFs, menu items, datatypes and more – easily with low-code Javascript.


Know your state of play at a glance with the Profitori PRO Dashboard, designed to be displayed at all times on a second monitor, with real-time updates.


Advanced searching and filtering capability on all lists and reports.

About Profitori

Profitori’s mission is to bring ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to eStores throughout the world, right inside the WooCommerce admin console.

  • Profitori is developed in Melbourne Australia.
  • Profitori is highly robust, having been developed from the ground up with rigorous automated testing (Functional Test Driven Development).
  • Profitori is fast, as it leverages modern technologies such as ReactJS to do most of its work locally, with minimal network activity.